A good work ethic is absolutely key to your success!


No matter what you do, developing a good work ethic is absolutely key to your success. Having one increases the possibility of promotion and of retention in tough economic times. Maintaining a good work ethic is easy:

  1. Be on time. In fact, be a little early, especially for appointments, but always be on time for work. Every day. Factor in the time it usually takes you to get from home to your work, find parking, and get to wherever you need to be at the beginning of your work day, and then add 10 to 15 extra minutes to give you a cushion. Getting to work late every day sends the message that you don’t care, and that you’re not committed to your job. Moreover, it builds resentment among co-workers and teammates who are getting to work on time.
  2. Be professional. This goes far beyond dressing appropriately for your work. Practice having a positive attitude, and be cordial to everyone you meet during the workday. Don’t engage in gossip, and be respectful to everyone around you. Most importantly, practice integrity. Work to be the person who can be counted on to do what s/he says, and be honest, always acting the same way when alone, just as you do when others are watching you.
  3. Be self-disciplined. Anything worth doing takes focus, and workplaces can be full of distractions. Keep your goals in mind, and train yourself to be persistent and to complete all projects. If it helps, make daily and weekly lists of tasks to be accomplished, and mark each task off as you complete it. Making lists will also help you to break down and organize your tasks to help ensure you complete them on time. Above all, always try to do better than your best on any assignment.
  4. Manage your time. If you can do it today, do it – don’t put it off. Make note of how much time it takes you to complete certain tasks, and develop the ability to accurately estimate the time needed to complete projects. This will allow you to allocate enough time to do what you need to, and help to make the most of the working hours.
  5. Take care of yourself. Get as much sleep as you need, every night. Take time to exercise regularly, and eat properly. Also keep in mind that burn out is very real, and helps no one. Take time to relax and recharge, where you don’t think about work, or check your e-mail. Making sure that you enjoy life will help you keep your perspective at work, and make you a more productive employee.

Investing time and effort in developing a good work ethic is well worth it, and is often the extra edge in getting – and keeping – the job.